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Get Hard trailer on NOW TVGet Hard is a film from 2015 with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. It tells us the story of a guy played by Will Ferrell who has everything and everything is perfect. But, then one day he is sentenced to years in jail, but before going to jail he has thirty days to get prepared.

During those 30 days he gets help by Kevin Hart to get hard, so that he will not be destroyed and abused in jail. That is not as easy as one would believe, and that is what this film is all about. I have not yet seen it, but it seems like a quite boring comedy, but it might be that I am very mistaken. I remember quite some years back there was a similar film with Rob Schneider named Big Stan. That film was made in 2007 and I actually enjoyed that film a whole lot, so if this film would turn out to be something like that, then maybe I would want to watch it.

Anyway, now you and I can watch Get Hard on NOW TV, so if you have a NOW TV Movies subscription, go ahead and start watching it right away. To find out more about how to watch NOW TV outside the UK, just click the link and get the information you are looking for.

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