Would you like to watch Sky Sports online? You might not know it, but NOW TV is exactly what you have been looking for. Find out more about how you can watch Sky from abroad using the platform named NOW TV.

The name NOW TV does not bear witness of it, but this is the best way to watch Sky Sports online. For a long time it has been hard to watch SKY channels online since it has required complicated registration and very high fees. With NOW TV things have gotten much easier and thus you can watch great films, your favorite TV series and your favorite sports online.

now tv watch premier league online
NOW TV is by far the best way to watch the Premier League online

How does NOW TV work?

We can divide NOW TV into three parts; movies, entertainment and sports. You can decide for yourself if you want a subscription to all three of them, only two of them or only one of them. If you only want sports then you go for the NOW TV Sports subscription. With such a subscription you can watch all the action live on any of the SKY Sports channels. The product is great, but how can you and I watch Sky from outside the United Kingdom?

Watch Sky Sports from abroad on NOW TV

If you want to watch Sky Sports from abroad on NOW TV you need to get yourself an IP address in the United Kingdom. If you try to watch NOW TV without an English IP address you will see an error message looking something like the picture beneath.

NOW TV only available in the UK - if you want to watch SKY from abroad on NOW TV you will get this error message
Error message as you try to watch Sky from abroad on NOW TV

I want to get rid of the NOW TV error message

If you want to watch SKY TV from abroad you will need to make NOW TV believe that you are located in the UK. You can make this happen using the services of the VPN provider named HideMyAss which has its seat in England. With a subscription to their services you can connect to a HideMyAss server in England and in the moment a connection is set up (it is very easy) all your traffic online will seem to originate from that server. Hence all websites, including NOW TV, will believe that you are located in England and you will not get this error message anymore. Instead you can sign up and start watching NOW TV in a few minutes.

Visit HideMyAss website

Press the button above and sign up for the services of HideMyAss. After signing up download the HideMyAss application. There are versions of this application available for Windows, iOS, Android and other platforms. After you have downloaded  the program connect to a server in the UK. This will give you a UK IP address and you are ready to watch Sky online using NOW TV.

Take a look here at some of the screenshots I made myself as I watched SKY online using HideMyAss to watch NOW TV from abroad.

Movies from SKY on NOW TV
Clip from an old film available on NOW TV
Now TV Maleficent
Maleficent available on NOW TV – ready to watch!

Get ready to watch Premier League football online on Sky Sports (NOW TV Sports) and to watch fantastic TV series and movies with the Entertainment and the Movies packages.

Visit HideMyAss website

Here at nowtv.fromabroad.org I will regularly write articles about NOW TV, therefore you should not forget to bookmark the site. If you have problems watching NOW TV from abroad check the “troubleshooting” category. There you will find useful articles. You can also ask a question you might have using the comment field beneath.

Enjoy watching Sky Sports online (and SKY Movies and Sky Entertainment) from all across the world!

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