Watch True Detective online on NOW TV

I recently wrote on my page dedicated to HBO Now that True Detective season 2 can be watched there (as the new episodes are released). It came then as a little positive shock for me as I suddenly discovered that they can all be seen on NOW TV as well.

True DEtective on NOW TV

If you are a newcomer to True Detective you can start with season 1 as the entire season is available to NOW TV subscribers with a Entertainment Pass. But, you do not have to wait for a year to see seasonĀ  2, but as a new episode is made available you can also watch it on NOW TV, but all episodes can only be seen for 30 days before it is made unavailable until the entire season will be made available in the end. But, based on the interest for the True Detective series I do not believe most people will wait for 30 days to watch the new episodes as they are released, so no problem with that.

So, go ahead an watch True Detective season 1 and 2 online on NOW TV. For more information about watching NOW TV online, read this article.

Have fun watching, and if you have questions, problems or comments, just write. I would love to hear from you!

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