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Premier League kick-off in four days

In four day it is time for the Premier League kick-off. The Emirates Stadium will be the arena where Arsenal will play against Everton. Arsenal won the FA Community Shield final yesterday against Chelsea. The match ended with 1-1, and then Arsenal won on penalties. They possessed the ball more than Chelsea, and most people would say that it was a well deserved win. Can they keep up in the… Read More »

Ready for Premier League kick-off

Premier League will have its kick-off in three days, and I am ready! The 2016-17 will be a fantastic season and you can watch almost all the action on Sky Sports. Not all people know this fact, but the best way to watch Sky Sports online is to use NOW TV. As an online platform for SKY TV you can easily sign up and watch Sky TV and Sky Sports… Read More »

Watch Arsenal vs Chelsea on NOW TV Sports

Most people are not aware of the fact that it is possible to watch Sky Sports online easily. The easy solution is named NOW TV Sports and if you read around on this page you will find out how you can watch Premier League football easily online on Sky Sports from all across the world. On January 24th it is time for a Premier League matches between Arsenal and Chelsea… Read More »

One month sports pass available

This is what many would call yesterday’s news because it happened quite a lot of days ago, but to those who have not heard about it yet, this is great news, especially considering the upcoming Premier League which is to start at August 8th. The news is the fact that NOW TV has made it possible to buy one-month subscriptions to their Sports package, meaning that you do not have… Read More »