Entourage on NOW TV

Entourage is an American comedy drama television series which was created and written by Doug Ellin. The television premiered in July 2004 on HBO.
Entourage on NOW TV

The main characters in the series are Adrian Grenier as Vincent Chase, Kevin Connolly as Eric Murphy, who is the best friend of Vincent, Kevin Dillon as Johnny “Drama” Chase, who is the the older half-brother of Vincent, Jerry Ferrara as Salvatore “Turtle” Assante, who is an old childhood friend of Vincent and so on.

The whole story of Entourage follows Vincent Chase. The first season shows the different adventures of Vincent and it also show how he climbs up on the ladder of fame after his first successful movie, Head On. In the first season we can also follow the conflict between Vincent’s agent Ari and his best friend.

Beside the friendship between the main characters the show has major focus on their life style as well, the parties they attend, the film premiers they are invited to and it also presents the difficulties of being famous or to be connected to someone famous.

The television series Entourage got generally good reviews and feedback from the critics they were mostly satisfied with the brilliant performance of Piven in the show.

Entourage is an interesting and entertaining television series packed with various celebs and great humour. If you would rather watch Entourage somewhere else, then you can also watch it on HBO Now, if you have a subscription and an Apple device.

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