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News about NOW TV. Read about new releases of films and movies available to NOW TV Movie subscribers, new shows and series available in entertainment and upcoming great events on NOW TV Sports, aka Sky Sports.

Now you can watch Kingsman on NOW TV

I have already written quite a lot of article on Kingsman as it was one of my favorite films in 2015 and since you can also watch this film as an Amazon Instant Video and you can also watch it on Netflix in Canada. But, now you do not have to visit or Netflix to watch it anymore, because you can also see the film on NOW TV Movies.… Read More »

Watch Arsenal vs Chelsea on NOW TV Sports

Most people are not aware of the fact that it is possible to watch Sky Sports online easily. The easy solution is named NOW TV Sports and if you read around on this page you will find out how you can watch Premier League football easily online on Sky Sports from all across the world. On January 24th it is time for a Premier League matches between Arsenal and Chelsea… Read More »

Watch Home on NOW TV

Home is a quite new animation film from Disney which you can now watch on NOW TV. It tells us the story about a group of almost aliens who are looking for a new place to live and the earth is their goal and destination. Things are of course not as easy as you might believe, and that is what the film home is about. You can watch the full… Read More »

Where to watch Strike Back online?

Are you a fan of TV series like 24, or maybe Blindspot or The Player? These are all action TV series and if you want to watch more TV shows like that, then you should absolutely watch Strike Back as well. In this TV series which consist of four seasons you will meet the Sulivan Stapleton (who plays the main role in Blindspot) and Philip Winchester who plays the main… Read More »

Watch Age of Ultron on NOW TV

Age of Ultron was released on DVD and it has been possible to buy it on Amazon for quite a while, but NOW TV is the first streaming service to get its hand on this fantastic film, and it will be made available on NOW TV for everyone with a movies subscription on December 26th. I am not a big fan of Age of Ultron myself, but this is the… Read More »

Watch Big Hero 6 on NOW TV

Christmas is here and as a NOW TV Movies subscriber you will get a really nice gift. On December 25th Big Hero 6 will be made available on NOW TV and you can watch it on Sky Movies or with a NOW TV Movies subscription. Big Hero 6 is a fantastic family film and in it we follow Hiro and his special friend named Baymax as they are out there… Read More »

Cinderella coming to NOW TV

NOW TV is getting a new great film, because from December 18 the Disney film Cinderella will be added to NOW TV. This is a brilliant film that came to cinemas earlier in 2015 and it shows the story of Cinderella in a more modernized version, with real actors. Cinderella is also a perfect film to watch around Christmas, so if you want to enjoy this film for Christmas, then… Read More »

Watch Focus on NOW TV

Do you like Will Smith? Do you like Margot Robbie? Now you can see them both together in Focus, a film made in 2015, and as of December 11th you can watch it with a NOW TV Movies Subscription. NOW TV frequently adds new and great films to their register of films available, and Focus is a new top film. Personally I am not at all a big fan of… Read More »

Can I watch Euro 2016 on NOW TV?

I am a big fan of football and have a NOW TV Sports subscription. Will I be able to use this to watch the Euro 2016? Or will some other TV channel broadcast from the European Championship in 2016? Thank you for the question. Unfortunately SKY TV does not have the rights to broadcast from the Euro 2016, because it seems like a goal that more public TV channels should… Read More »

Taken 3 coming to NOW TV Movies today

If you like Liam Neeson then it might be that you are a fan of the Taken films. The latest and probably last of the Taken films, Taken 3, will be released on NOW TV Movies today, so get ready for action as Liam Neeson is on the run while trying to show his innocence. I have earlier written about Taken 3 based on the fact that it has already… Read More »