Can I watch Copa America on NOW TV?

Copa America is going on in the USA at the moment and the quarterfinals are coming up in a few days. That is why I wonder if I can watch Copa America on NOW TV? Or do I need to watch it somewhere else?

Instead of writing a lot I can simply make the answer very short and tell you that unfortunately, you can not watch Copa America on NOW TV. If you want to watch it then you can do so on in the United States, but to get access to that in Europe you need to follow the instructions in this article.

What’s interesting is that Brazil did not actually make it to the knockout stage after losing 1-0 against Peru in their last group stage match. Now we will have to experience the knockout stage without Brazil for the first time in more than at least 30 years. But, Argentina and Chile will be there, Mexico and the USA will be there and some other interesting teams so there are lots of reasons for you to watch Copa America online!

If you want to watch Euro 2016 online as well then you can read more about how it is done in this article.

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