Can I watch the Super Bowl on Sky Sports?

The Super Bowl will be played in California on February 7th and it will be a match between Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. This is the highlight of the year for NFL fans and for music fans the break is the highlight.

The Super Bowl will as far as we know be broadcasted, not on Sky Sports which can be seen with a NOW TV Sports package, but on BBC instead. In other words, to watch the Super Bowl online all you have to do is to visit and there you will be able to watch the live stream online from all around the world. You are of course not supposed to be able to watch it outside the UK, but if you follow the instructions on you will soon find out how you can watch the Super Bowl online on BBC from outside the UK and thus you will be prepared and ready to watch the action as it takes place.

And do not forget that in the break in the match between Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos Coldplay will step up on the stage and make a giant show. In addition it is expected that some other famous artist might appear in the break, but that is still a secret. But, maybe Adele will show up? Or maybe U2?

Time will show, but get ready for Super Bowl on February seventh!

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