Can I watch NOW TV in France?

Would you like to watch Sky TV in France? The solution is NOW TV, but how to watch NOW TV in France?

NOW TV is the online platform for watching Sky TV without a cable subscription to Sky TV. And that is what makes NOW TV so fantastic, because it makes it possible for people without a Sky cable subscription to get access to all their favorite Sky TV channels. If they want to they can get access to all the Sky Movie channels and watch their favorite films (NOW TV Movies), they can watch their favorite TV series at the different Sky channels (NOW TV Entertainment) or they can watch their favorite Sky Sports events and Premier League football at NOW TV Sports. But, how can you reach all of this content in France? Is NOW TV in France?

how to watch now tv in france

Watch NOW TV in France

You can watch NOW TV in France and it is quite easy. There is one little problem and that is that you need to be in England to watch Now TV. But, if you get yourself a UK IP address you will be able to watch Now TV right away, also in France, so to get an English IP address I recommend that you use HideMyAss.

Visit HideMyAss website

Click the button above and visit their website. You can easily sign up for their services which will give you access to IP addresses in almost all nations of the world. Once you have signed up and downloaded their client you simply connect to a server in England you will be able to watch NOW TV in France right away.

These are very basic instructions, but you can also read much more detailed instructions in my main article about watching Now TV from abroad. If you have problems watching it on your Android system or some other Now TV related question, just write a comment or read the different articles in the troubleshooting category.



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