Premier League kick-off in four days

In four day it is time for the Premier League kick-off. The Emirates Stadium will be the arena where Arsenal will play against Everton. Arsenal won the FA Community Shield final yesterday against Chelsea. The match ended with 1-1, and then Arsenal won on penalties. They possessed the ball more than Chelsea, and most people would say that it was a well deserved win. Can they keep up in the… Read More »

Can I watch the Super Cup Final 2017 on Sky Sports?

The UEFA Super Cup final will be played in Skopje on August 8th. The teams playing will be Manchester United and Real Madrid. Is it possible to watch the Super Cup Final on Sky Sports? It has been a while since the UEFA Super Cup final was as interesting as it is this year. Manchester United, a team that only finish sixth in last years Premier League, managed to win… Read More »

You can now watch 24: Legacy on NOW TV

If you have a NOW TV subscription for the Entertainment program, then you can now stream 24: Legacy online. Doesn’t that sound great? I am a big fan of 24: Legacy, and I have written quite a lot of articles about the new season of 24 here and there. I have not yet written about it here in this blog, simply because the TV series hasn’t been available on NOW… Read More »

Soon you can watch Premier League on Fubo TV as well

Sky Sports is the best channel to view Premier League online. But, soon Fubo TV in the USA will become the best platform for European football streaming available online! It was announced yesterday that Fubo TV has started their cooperation with several big networks. On the list NBCSN can be found, and this is the network that is streaming Premier League in the United States.  In other words, in shortly… Read More »

Can i watch NOW TV without a box?

Are you looking for a way to watch NOW TV without a box? Would you like to watch Sky TV online without a cable subscription? Is it possible? I remember the moment I discovered what NOW TV was about. It was a fantastic day in history. Till then I had suffered a lot on the Sky website trying to get a subscription for watching the channels online only, but it… Read More »

Best movies on NOW TV right now!

It is a cold and windy October evening. You want to watch a great movie, but which one to watch? Here are the best movies on NOW TV right now! There are lots of great movies available to everyone with a NOW TV subscription. You can easily enjoy these and of course Premier League football online if you have a subscription, even if you are located abroad. But, let me… Read More »

Ready for Premier League kick-off

Premier League will have its kick-off in three days, and I am ready! The 2016-17 will be a fantastic season and you can watch almost all the action on Sky Sports. Not all people know this fact, but the best way to watch Sky Sports online is to use NOW TV. As an online platform for SKY TV you can easily sign up and watch Sky TV and Sky Sports… Read More »

Can I watch Copa America on NOW TV?

Copa America is going on in the USA at the moment and the quarterfinals are coming up in a few days. That is why I wonder if I can watch Copa America on NOW TV? Or do I need to watch it somewhere else? Instead of writing a lot I can simply make the answer very short and tell you that unfortunately, you can not watch Copa America on NOW… Read More »