Watch Jurassic World on NOW TV

On Fools day 2016 a fantastic film will be added to NOW TV, Jurassic World. Get ready to watch Jurassic World on NOW TV from April 1st 2016. I have seen all Jurassic Park films, but have not been a very big fan of them. Then I watched Jurassic World in cinema last year and was very surprised on the fact that I actually enjoyed the film quite a lot.… Read More »

Watch Inside Out on NOW TV

From March 25th in 2016 Inside Out will be available to NOW TV Movies subscribers. Get ready to watch Inside Out on NOW TV, the Academy Awarded animation film from Pixar and Disney. Inside Out just won an Oscar during the Academy Awards and it is an animation film that has received a lot of praise. It can already be seen on Canadian Netflix, but the rest of the Netflix… Read More »

Watch San Andreas on NOW TV

On March 11th San Andras will come to NOW TV. I have not seen it myself, but if you want to watch San Andreas on NOW TV, you have now been given the chance. San Andreas is a catastrophe film from 2015 with very average critics. The film of course has its big fans, but it has not received super praise, meaning that this is not a film you will… Read More »

Can I watch NOW TV in France?

Would you like to watch Sky TV in France? The solution is NOW TV, but how to watch NOW TV in France? NOW TV is the online platform for watching Sky TV without a cable subscription to Sky TV. And that is what makes NOW TV so fantastic, because it makes it possible for people without a Sky cable subscription to get access to all their favorite Sky TV channels.… Read More »

Watch Get Hard on NOW TV Movies

Get Hard is a film from 2015 with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. It tells us the story of a guy played by Will Ferrell who has everything and everything is perfect. But, then one day he is sentenced to years in jail, but before going to jail he has thirty days to get prepared. During those 30 days he gets help by Kevin Hart to get hard, so that… Read More »

Can I watch the Super Bowl on Sky Sports?

The Super Bowl will be played in California on February 7th and it will be a match between Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. This is the highlight of the year for NFL fans and for music fans the break is the highlight. The Super Bowl will as far as we know be broadcasted, not on Sky Sports which can be seen with a NOW TV Sports package, but on BBC… Read More »

Now you can watch Kingsman on NOW TV

I have already written quite a lot of article on Kingsman as it was one of my favorite films in 2015 and since you can also watch this film as an Amazon Instant Video and you can also watch it on Netflix in Canada. But, now you do not have to visit or Netflix to watch it anymore, because you can also see the film on NOW TV Movies.… Read More »

Watch Arsenal vs Chelsea on NOW TV Sports

Most people are not aware of the fact that it is possible to watch Sky Sports online easily. The easy solution is named NOW TV Sports and if you read around on this page you will find out how you can watch Premier League football easily online on Sky Sports from all across the world. On January 24th it is time for a Premier League matches between Arsenal and Chelsea… Read More »

Watch Home on NOW TV

Home is a quite new animation film from Disney which you can now watch on NOW TV. It tells us the story about a group of almost aliens who are looking for a new place to live and the earth is their goal and destination. Things are of course not as easy as you might believe, and that is what the film home is about. You can watch the full… Read More »

Where to watch Strike Back online?

Are you a fan of TV series like 24, or maybe Blindspot or The Player? These are all action TV series and if you want to watch more TV shows like that, then you should absolutely watch Strike Back as well. In this TV series which consist of four seasons you will meet the Sulivan Stapleton (who plays the main role in Blindspot) and Philip Winchester who plays the main… Read More »